If I would have expected a year knock me off course from my annual sketchbook series, man, I would’ve bet 2020 could have done it.

But against the odds, there was Glimmer. The wordplay of the title is a little obvious, yes. A hazy flicker in the dusk; a shimmer on the horizon.

Since I began in 2008, I think I can say it’s my favorite collection to-date. Not the least which because it’s the most dense with writing and some of my best drawings but that the odds were truly stacked against it that year.

Here we now found ourselves well into 2022 and, fashionably late, I’ve nearly completed my 2021 collection. It’s a return to my roots, pun, uh, sort of intended?

If Glimmer was an invocation of dum spiro spero this new collection is a testament to the quiet resilience of growing things.

Or it’s about a bunch of dumpy, unflappably content, potato-faced little lumps. To be honest, it’s taken me long enough to get here I really don’t know.

Either way, the whole collection is real close! Just a few pages left.

In fact, here’s a peek at some digital rough sketches I’ve got planned out for the last couple spreads. Sometimes, like here, I’ll scribble these out digitally and experiment with the layouts before taking them to actual paper and pencils. 

Oh, and the title of this sketchbook? That’s for another time!