Started messing around with this new app called “Procreate Dreams” recently, and its pretty cool! It’s similar to procreate but with a much more robust suite of animation tools.

It’s not only able to do frame animation, but you can also group animated objects, and animate stuff by dragging it around with your finger. You can also lay in audio tracks.

Pretty impressed with how fast and easy it is to scrub through a timeline. Hard to believe it’s all happening on an iPad.

Still finding my sea legs with it, but I made this quick little test shot to try some stuff out:

and while it’s hard to compete with the robustness of a program like aftereffects, it’s still a capable compositor that with some practice I’m sure u could do a lot with it.

For this shot, I wanted to just make a simple scene of a guy and a monster walking down the street. I figure I’d make it easy on myself and do a back view and obscure some details with a blanket.

I made it even easier by popping the drone up in the air and shooting myself for reference.


I had to adjust for perspective and to get it to loop a little better, but it was so much easier having pose reference to draw from.

Monster was pretty simple, animated the eyes and tentacles on separate loops ,then grouped them to the body and then animated the whole thing as a group.

For the background image, I took the same drone shot and set up a perspective grid on top of it and used that as a base to draw the street with. This made it easy to pop the character into the scene and have the perspectives match.


I’m def still figuring it out but I’m a fan so far.  can see a lot of potential with this app, and for 20 bucks it’s well worth it if you like messing around with animation. I’d def recommend watching some tutorials to get a basic understanding of where everything is, but if you’ve used procreate to draw or paint, things feel relatively familiar.