A while ago, I was looking through my flat files and came across an unfinished drawing. Just a sketch. This happens from time to time, doesn’t it? You start something and maybe something doesn’t quite click, you drop the idea, or for whatever reason you move on. 

And in fact, over the years, I’ve tried to rescue some these forgotten scribbles. But there is something strange about these particular pieces. Sometimes what it takes is the intervening time from the initial stashing away of the unfinished sketch to the picking up again and, aha! It will fall into place. Other times, though, I’ve had those abandoned sketches prove why I’d hidden them away in the first place.

Maybe there hadn’t been enough time? Who can tell?

Either way, I thought we’d look at one of those abandoned sketches that made good. 


And while we’re at it, I’ve got a demo showing my digital painting process, a tidy one hour timelapse. 


You may recall these dumpy little plant creatures from this previous Muddy Colors post. I am forever drawn to these quiet, thoughtless lumps of earth and grass. 

In fact, the other day, I scribbled out an entirely new collection of them. Will I get around two realizing those thumbnail scribbles? Maybe so. I’d like to.

Or maybe I’ll start some, set them aside, and see just where we are at somewhere down the line. Who knows what little treasures you might stumble upon? A bit like planting an acorn in the winter. Sometimes you’ve got to wait and see what grows.