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Ron Lemen

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Happy holidays everyone.    I hope that you all have found a simple, happy place to slip into this...


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  • tayete on Fischer paints: The Pumpkin Queen- With a zombie programThanks so much, Muddy Colors!!! You are the best art site around, I love you!!!
  • Hope Doe on SalvationI really hope to one day work that fast. Time management is definitely a skill. This peice turned out so good
  • Nico Kopf on SalvationGreat emotional piece! Am curious about the blast marks on the ground ... is it from the robot landing? Did she fall there? Aaah, questions.
  • Mel Dorn on The Good StudentA very relevant article for me. I also combined study and work, because my family had no money and I had to look for a way out. I was at the universit…
  • Tambra on SalvationThis is good to see. Thanks for sharing your process