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Miscellaneous Studio Tools and Tips

Howard Lyon

I thought I'd share some tools and tips from around the studio for my post today! Let's start with OleoGel from Natural Pigments. From their website: "Oleogel is a thixotropic painting medium made with linseed oil and pyrogenic silica that adds transparency and thixotropic body to oil, resin-oil or alkyd paint." It's essentially clear oil paint. I find this really useful for a few purposes. It is a great way to take just about any…




A Note of Gratitude to Milton Glaser

Robert Hunt

July 1, 2020 - Milton Glaser passed away last week, on his 91st birthday. I want to use my column this month to pass along a note expressing the gratitude I have for his generosity and wisdom. First a bit of context. For the past 11 years I have led a group of students on a one week trip to New York. For eight of those trips, we were able to visit the great illustrator/designer Milton Glaser. An introduction was arranged by my colleague at CCA, Bob Ciano, a long time friend and associate of Mr Glaser. I was careful to never overextend our one hour annual audience. In all the times we visited him, he never repeated himself, but every group left his studio after the hour feeling that something undefinable and special had just happened. Much has…



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