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Thinking about skin tones, chroma and Munsell

Howard Lyon

I'm going to warn you now, this post is nerdy and I really don't know yet if it is interesting or valuable... Or just mildly interesting at best.  I find it fascinating, but we'll see... I had a great opportunity to have Greg Mortenson stay with me last week and teach a portrait painting workshop in my studio. I learned a ton from him. My favorite part of his stay was staying up late and…




Productive Procrastination

Lauren Panepinto

July 18, 2019 - Some months I know exactly what I want to write for Muddy Colors. I've written notes down, collected reference & research, and maybe even started writing before the day it's due. But MOST of the time, I procrastinate until the last minute. This is one of those months. But that doesn't mean I haven't been productive. In fact, I am incredibly productive when I am procrastinating! When I have something important to do with a looming deadline my brain will go to anything else and become hyper-focused. On literally anything but what is due first. I thought this was a weird quirk of mine, a way I maybe managed to be both a super-productive creator of things (bookcovers, side projects, blog posts) and yet still be a terrible procrastinator. And then I saw this quick…



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  • Melissa Gay on Thinking about skin tones, chroma and MunsellFeel welcome to get this nerdy in any post at any time! Very interesting. There is just so much intrigue and interest to painting skin!…


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