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Thinking about skin tones, chroma and Munsell

Howard Lyon

I'm going to warn you now, this post is nerdy and I really don't know yet if it is interesting or valuable... Or just mildly interesting at best.  I find it fascinating, but we'll see... I had a great opportunity to have Greg Mortenson stay with me last week and teach a portrait painting workshop in my studio. I learned a ton from him. My favorite part of his stay was staying up late and…




Making Monsters

Justin Gerard

July 16, 2019 - In our last post I shared some drawings I've been doing recently for a personal project on monsters. Today I'd like to share with you some of the color work from the series! The series is called Monster-of-the-Month, and each month I have a little sketch and a title that I work on.  As I mentioned in the last post, I have about 2000 of these little sketch ideas (most of which were envisioned while watching my toddlers dismantle the living room). Eventually I'd like to paint them all to the level of finish here... sooooo if medical science could just overcome a few odd life expectancy hurdles for me that'd be great... Since there are about 2,000 that I want to paint, I decided to tackle these figures by drawing them traditionally and coloring them…



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  • Nickolas Rolf on Thinking about skin tones, chroma and MunsellHoward thanks for posting this. It helped to clear up a few things I was trying to wrap my head around at the workshop in Milwaukee. Af…
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  • Ping Choi on Watching the Moon Landing LIVEThose illustrations sure capture the sense of adventure!! Even tho the actual event was before my time, thank you!
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  • Melissa Gay on Thinking about skin tones, chroma and MunsellFeel welcome to get this nerdy in any post at any time! Very interesting. There is just so much intrigue and interest to painting skin!…


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