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The Starting Bloq Ep: 9

Working Through Loss and Grief (As a Creative) Most of us who don’t have creative job, we have the...


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  • Brendan Kendrick on Mead Schaeffer BookThe second to last image a Schaeffer? always thought is was a Cornwell . love this post!
  • Kat on Sunday Skills: Seeing WideThank you, this is going in my list of top Muddy Colors posts, ever! I feel like I do my best work when I'm managing to sustain this mode of seeing, b…
  • Thomas Diem on Sunday Skills: Seeing Wide"Look through your 'lashes" (squint) is a helpful technique, and one that many non-artists reject out of hand... until they do it. For clients viewing…
  • Tommy Arnold on Sunday Skills: Seeing WideSame! This just came out of nowhere one day while I was trying to learn to line draw - putting together things teachers of mine had said long ago with…
  • Tommy Arnold on Sunday Skills: Seeing WideI always have trouble accepting anything if I've invented it for myself, so I totally feel you ;)