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  • Tim on Reference, ExactlyThis is so nice to see, and has definitely made me realise I need to shoot more ref myself when i'm obviously struggling with a pose. I do have some q…
  • Zach on Remembering Jung GiTo say I’m deviated by his loss is an understatement. I was just thinking about how much of a national treasure he is and to see him gone so young is…
  • Dan dos Santos on Remembering Jung GiI remember the first time a bunch of us stumbled across one of his giant drawing videos, and we were all gobsmacked. No one had ever seen anything lik…
  • cetriya on Remembering Jung GiLife is unpredictable so do what you can now, He has certainly left a huge legacy of art and inspired so many artists.
  • Simon Raskina on Remembering Jung GiCompletely shocked. A genius, a mentor, friend to many in the community. Kim Jung Gi truly had super powers and we are all blessed to have witnessed s…