I’ve gotten multiple requests this week asking us to do another Crit-Submit… so let’s do it!

Crit-Submit #3
Call for entires now open!
Submission deadline: Saturday, August 20th, 12:01 AM EST

If you are unfamiliar with the Crit-Submit, please check out the first two here and here.
Basically…. you submit your best piece, and one of the Muddies will crit the living bejeezuz out of it.
It’s a great opportunity to get personalized advice from a pro, helping you to push your piece to the next level.

Once again, Here are the rules:
-After a call for entries, send an email to muddycolors@gmail.com by the specified deadline.
-That email should contain the title “Crit-Submit #3” in the subject, and nothing else.
-In your email, paste a LINK to the piece of art you would like to submit… NOT an attachment.
(If you do not have the means of hosting the art yourself, there are a lot of free hosting sites like www.photobucket.com)
-Even if you are going to submit the same piece as last time, you need to re-submit it.
-The art should be between 800 – 1200 pixels on the longest side.
-All skill levels are welcome, though the art in question must look near completed, and not be an in-progress piece.
-Entries may be in any medium.
-Each person may submit only one piece per challenge.
-You can remain anonymous if you so choose, and do not need to include your name… we will critique the piece just the same.

I look forward to looking at all your entries!