These last 2 weeks have just flown by. My plans were to have a painting finished for this week’s blog session but I’m afraid all that’s done on it is a scant drawing with a wash of color. Demands of regular work and other responsibilities have edged out my time. Hopefully on my next round here I’ll have a step by step of the painting.

Here’s one that I took to about 85%. It’s of Jon Snow for the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE book. Oil on stretched linen, 32×40. This painting was done about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I took no photos of it in progress. When I get time, it will get one more pass, which will mean adding some detail to the hardware, eyes, edges and anything on the image that my impulse tells me needs care. I’ll post some close ups and such when this one gets a wrap.

This was an image that I always wanted to do. Jon Snow is one of my favorite characters in the stories and I wanted to show him early on, with Ghost, his dire wolf. It was about a boy and his dog.

I think I pulled from my love of Wyeth on this one. From the TREASURE ISLAND and KIDNAPPED days.

Thanks for looking!