Norman Lindsay ( 22 February 1879 –  21 November 1969) is one of the artists that inspired Roy Krenkel and Frank Frazetta. Lindsay’s bawdy portrayal of myth and pagan beliefs fueled his art and created controversy in his time. Some of his work was removed from a train wreck in route to an exhibition and burned by over zealous censors who deemed it pornographic. Yes – that happened here in the States. Although mild by today’s standards his unique personal vision is contagious in it’s free exploration of the primitive animal drive and pagan eroticism. He worked in a variety of mediums including sculpture and was also an accomplished writer and illustrator.

If you get a chance – rent the movie “Sirens” which is based on the life of Norman Lindsay. Don’t watch the censored version on television because it changes and skews the actual meaning of the film. The movie stars Hugh Grant, Sam Neil and a bevy of super models. A great film score by Rachel Portman (Cider House Rules). and… the movie poster absolutely sucks. Why didn’t they use one of Norman’s paintings?

There is also a museum dedicated to his work in Australia. The museum is located on the grounds of his estate and home in Faulconbridge, New South Wales in the Blue Mountains National Park region.

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Here is a small sampling of Mr. Lindsey’s work: