By Justin Gerard
Last post I showed a few studies for a demo I was scheduled to do at Utah Valley University. I am back and today I will show how the painting progressed and eventually turned out. 
Digital Color Comp 

Drawing on paper
9 x 15 

Detail and Final Adjustments
I didn’t get to the Detail and Final Adjustment stage in the demo because I am slow.  This piece is relatively simple, but even still it ends up taking a little over 30 hours for me to finish. (Which was too long for the students because they apparently have other, non-art-related classes they are forced to go to.)  
I will repeat Lesson #2 from the lecture: Draw all of the time.  Especially in your non-art-related classes. 
The lecture itself went well and only once did technology stab me in the back. (I’ll get you Bill Gates if it’s the last thi..)  
No, really it was great. Nobody got shot or mauled or anything. I wish that every time I go speak in public it could go as smoothly.  
It was a ton of fun and I hope to get the chance to visit again in the future.