by Justin Gerard
Here is some sketching and a watercolor for some new work that Annie and I are doing for Spectrum LIVE in May.  

We have been working on some new story ideas and have been having a lot of fun with the development recently.
We will have a few new pieces from the series as well as some surprises for everyone at Spectrum.

My initial plan for the surprise was to ride in on 7 angry bulls, wearing a flaming linen canvas and a crown of paintbrushes. All while many dozens of otters in capes scampered here and there.

That plan fell through.

So it will be slightly less ambitious than all that, but still pretty intense.
We will be posting more about the development as it happens at

Until then, I give you: Undersea Mayhem!

The Search for the Pearl
12″ x 16″
Watercolor on Bristol