by Eric Fortune

Fawkes that is. You may recognize this infamous visage. Recent events have led me to re-watch the movie “V for Vendetta”. And to my surprise I had completely forgotten it was based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd (pictured below). Lloyd, who illustrated in cinematic chiaroscuro, devised V’s Guy Fawkes-inspired appearance.

It appears Guy Fawkes, also known as Guido Fawkes (did not know that), was part of a failed attempt at blowing up The House of Lords in 1605. Fawkes is shown here, third from the right, in this engraving by Crispijn van de Passe. Truly, the mask design could easily be anyone one of the conspirators.

I would like to offer a big “Thank You, Mr. Lloyd”, it is quite the bad ass design. And to Mr. Moore as well for the amazingly insightful story. I went out and bought the graphic novel today. Hoping to be inspired. One could only wish to invigorate the masses with his/her creativity in such a way.