Hey all, figured I’d go ahead and post an update on where I’m at with this big lawn painting.

Had a pretty productive month on it. With something this big its easy to get intimidated, but its also sort of fun by the time you get it to this stage because each day you can pick an area and just sort of focus on it. in a strange way it’s so much that it alleviates the pressure. It becomes sort of meditative.  Also,  at this point I get too solve things that have been bugging me for months now,  and it’s satisfying to be making a difference, albeit slowly.

I’ll look at my reference, but I’m also not a slave to it. There’s enough there already to where you can play a bit more, try to find fun ways to solve things.  I’m also building the paint up in areas I want to draw interest to. Oil paint is great because there’s this dimensional quality to it, and you can use it to push and pull depth. It’s also fun to lay it on thick and get fun textures that suggest different types of foliage. This thing’s got a lot of paint on it already, but I might want to take it further in areas and push things more because it looks pretty cool with this subject matter. here are a few details as well:

Probably have another couple weeks on it, but if I had to guess,  I’m probably 75-80% of the way now. It’ll be nice to wrap it up. Its been a bear haha.