Actually, it’s possible that you don’t. Let’s go ahead get that out of the way. You might be fine. But you know what, I sure do! And I’ve found that a real, printed calendar has become an essential piece of studio kit for me. For years and years I kept notes about schedules and projects across my various sketchbooks. My honor as a deadline-keeping professional scrawled amongst coffee stained pages and in between doodles of little plant creatures. It was a hodgepodge system that somehow worked very well!

Until it didn’t.

It was several years ago, a week very like this week. I was having a fine time. No major deadlines that week, nothing to turn in for another month. I even recall thinking, I’m sailing into the holidays better than usual, aren’t I? It was that very moment when it struck me; a crashing waterfall of realization slamming upon the cold, wet boulders of reality. I’d somehow forgotten an entire project. 

No use trying to explain it or even understand it. We were so far beyond that now. It was my fault. My completely fool-proof system of scribbling indecipherable dates in the margins had failed me at last. And in a spectacular fashion, too.

So what happened to that project? Granted, it wasn’t a huge one. I shoved things around and got it done that same week. No excuses. But I ordered a calendar right then and there. An actual calendar to hang on the wall of my studio with a nail that I could see with my own eyes and mark upon it with a real pen. And I’ve never looked back.

So! Maybe you, like me, need a real calendar. And I thought I’d round up a look at a few out there right now. Enjoy!


David Petersen

Snakes, hawks, weasels. Look, things aren’t all bad for little mice out there. At least they can keep track of the changing seasons with a calendar! Lucky thirteen months, too. Head into the coming year nimble-footed, confident in your knowledge of just what day it is, with sword (or lute) at the ready.


Naomi Van Doren

In equal measures dazzling and inspiring, Naomi’s dreamy worlds are always rich with glimpses into other places and other times. Here’s one for you! I first encountered Naomi’s work at Spectrum Live back in 2017 (and even made mention of it here on Muddy Colors). And I’ve been a fan ever since.


Omar Rayyan

This one is a bit a cheat because I’m not sure if it’s still in stock. Looks as if Omar’s shop is closed until October 25th so maybe it’ll be available then? I’m not sure but hey, I couldn’t pass up the chance to post a look at this one! Incredible, as always.



Natasa Ilincic

“Her work is heavily centered around mythology and inspired by dark corners of history and folklore. Symbolists, Pre-Raphaelite artists and Art Nouveau are some of her main sources of inspiration, as are Decadent literature, earth-based religions and folktales.”

Beautiful and haunting! I’m told these will be available later this week.


Emily Hare

I’ve had the chance to chat with Emily about her work and worlds for Muddy Colors before! Her new calendar features a bright variety of monstrous watercolors. Emily’s work is a delight and I can think of no finer way to keep track of projects (or encounters with various and sundry creatures) than with this one.


Chris Dunn

Dunn’s ever heartbreakingly beautiful work showcases a collection of nursery rhymes for 2024. While you’re at it, I know it’s last year’s calendar (uh, I mean, the current year, this year still, now) but you can take a look 2023’s The Wind in the Willows. Just extraordinary.


Chantal Horeis

A lovely collection exploring quiet moments in the natural world. Warm, inviting work that strikes a beautiful note.


Inna Vjuzhania

Striking figure work, paired with wonderful creatures (mythical and natural) comprises Ukrainian artist Inna Vjuzhania’s 2024 calendar!


Kinuko Y. Craft

 What’s there to say about Kinuko’s work that hasn’t already been said? Well, I simply adore it. Tipping my hand here, this is my own personal pick for a 2024 calendar!


Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

Likewise, legends! What’s there to say about their work that hasn’t already been said? Why not let the calendar itself tell you:

Step into an enchanted world swirling with dark forces, creatures that inspire awe and astonishment, and fierce men and women who rule over it all. Sorceresses tame mystical beasts. Nymphs rise from their flower thrones. And beneath the waves, twin mer-queens cavort with a dolphin companion. Revisit more than forty years of fantasy with twelve classic, full-color paintings, plus a bonus centerfold, from premier fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Each breathtaking composition is accompanied by a dramatic caption that fuels the fantasy, plus musings from the artists themselves revealing the history behind the pieces and their artistic process. 


Alan Lee

And yet again, a living legend! I’m not sure what 13 pieces are included in this collection, though the listing says they’re all “scenes from across the Second Age of Middle-earth.”

In which case, it would seem all but assured that this one’s it:


I hope the coming months are good to you! And that when the calendar rolls over into a new year in just a couple months, you’ve got way to keep track of projects. Goodness knows I need one.