by Cory Godbey

Others have more eloquently put together thoughts on why Spectrum Fantastic Art Live is special but suffice it to say for me, I just love that show. It’s a convention like no other. From the friends that I only see there to the awards presentation, from the attendees and the volunteers to Cathy, Arnie, and John, the show is near and dear to my heart.

As try to do each SFAL, I make this my convention to acquire original drawings.

And it looks like I do some drawings as well.
No, YOUR posture is bad!
(Photo by Jerry Trapp)

I’ve collected here for your enjoyment a look at my SFAL drawings haul (and a bonus)!

To kick things off, very like these dwarves I actually STOLE these two drawings from noted Muddy Colors contributing editor, camouflage cargo shorts enthusiast, and Pittsburgh’s favored son, Justin P. Gerard

Ok, fine, we traded but still, I might as well as stole them. They were begging to be swiped, just look at them.

Haunting, mythical work drawing on folklore and fantasy, I had to pick up some drawings from Tiffany Turrill
She had so many wonderful little pieces but in the end I settled on this pair because (like the dragon and dwarves above) the two drawings seemed to suggest a story and place and I really liked that about them.
Scott Gustafson has always brought drawings upon drawings to SFAL and each show I’ve made it my top priority to acquire at least one. 
The drawings that my wife and I have collected from Scott (and Patty, hi!) over the years are truly some of our most prized originals. I could never say enough nice things about them so I’ll stop, on to the drawings.

The ever amazing and wonderfully hilarious Mark Nelson. Somehow or another I fooled him into trading so I ran away with this little treasure! (MARK, IF YOUR READING THIS, THE DRAWING I TRADED YOU WAS CURSED AS WELL, YOU AND GERARD ARE DOOMED, HA HA HA)
Bonus! This is a book I picked up that I thought was a really great. Naomi VanDoren‘s work was a new find for me at the show and I was completely drawn in by her worlds. Her paintings and ideas are delightful.