Today is the deadline for those interested in submitting to the Society of Illustrators: Illustration Annual #54.

Call for entries poster, by Tomer Hanuka

In addition to Spectrum, the Society’s annual is one of the best juried annuals for illustrators looking for good exposure… even more so for those whose work does not fall into the SFF category.

Unlike some source books, you can not simply buy a page in this annual. The competition is juried, which results in a very high standard of art. This makes the annual a very viable tool for Art Directors to recruit from.

The deadline was technically last week, but the Society decided to extended it by a few days.  So this is it… your last chance! Submissions are now digital, and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

To submit entries visit the competition website.
To learn more about this competition click here.
For questions about submitting your work please email:
or call 212.838.2560