by Eric Fortune

First off, I have to echo Donato’s previous sentiments. I came home from Illux Con feeling extremely inspired and ready to jump onto some new work. I actually brought this piece freshly transferred with my photo reference hoping to finish the final drawing at the con. However, my brain was a bit too excitable to do any real problem solving. Here are some new vids and some close ups of the new work after returning from the convention.

First hour of drawing.

Second hour of drawing.

Here are a few details of where the piece is at now. It’s ready for some paint but I’m working to transfer another piece first so I can have multiple paintings going at the same time. This should help to give me a break on one painting while I work on another. Staring at something for long hours isn’t always good for objectivity. Because I work so transparently I try to envision where I might want edges to fade out so that I don’t have a dark pencil line there. There are also places that may be a good spot for spontaneous artsy happenings to occur. I try not to tighten up my drawing too much in these areas. However, when it comes to the main figure I normally try to realize it as much as possible and really nail the drawing before laying any paint down. Once I put a wash of acrylic over the drawing it’s fairly sealed and is hard to adjust the drawing while maintaining a consistently transparent surface. This is another reason working out problematic compositions in the early stages is vital. And being completely satisfied with your drawing prior to laying down paint. It can be a lot of trouble if one skips too many steps leading up to the final.