I have mentioned Last Rites Gallery a few times here before. It is the NYC shop of world-acclaimed tattooist Paul Booth, but it is also a gem of a gallery, and frequently hosts some of my favorite young artists. This Saturday is no exception, as they will be hosting the opening of The Fury: New Works by Billy Norrby.

From the Last Rites website:

Billy Norrby’s paintings juxtapose classical aesthetic with themes of contemporary turmoil, as masterful brushwork tells the tale of 20th century revolution. In his art he illustrates the defiant nature of humanity, and it is the average person who is the protagonist. With their impassioned expressions and commanding air, these modern radicals are canonized, idealized, and painted with an almost saintly reverence, harkening back to religious iconography. It is with homage to the old world that Norrby tells the story of the dawning of a new era.

“Fury is a collection of work inspired in part by the Theban plays. Images seen through the unending 24/7 news cycle are filtered through a grander, mythological context. Tying the struggles of our time with the nostalgic notion of the loss of an earlier era, an aging city has become a shadow of it’s former self. Turmoil on the streets is contrasted against the splendor of buildings who embody its former glory and ideals. At the heart of destruction of the ancient world, we find the figures of defiance. They are the actors or the ones being acted upon by malevolent forces.”
-Billy Norrby

Billy Norrby is a Brooklyn based oil painter and fine artist. Since his graduation from SVA in 2010, he has appeared in numerous exhibits throughout the world, and publications such as Spectrum and 3X3. “Fury” marks his first solo show in New York.

The opening is this Saturday, April 14th, 7-11pm.

Below is a small sampling of Billy’s work, many of which will be part of this show. I am really looking forward to seeing these pieces in person. If you are unfamiliar with the gallery, I implore you to come check it out, as the shop itself is quite a spectacle.