-By Justin Gerard

A few shots from this past weekend’s TLC workshop in Seattle. The classes went great and I was able to share much of my great wisdom with the students from my vast stores of knowledge, gained from years of deep study and thoughtful consideration.
Justin: Guys, if in doubt; add a Lens Flare.  
This pencil stuff is all just smoke in mirrors. 
The filters are where it’s at.  
Class:    ….
Justin: I vote no pants.
Misael: But isn’t that an overly simplistic solu…
Justin: Listen, no pants. And let’s get some Lens Flares in there stat.  
After these, and other equally earth-shattering revelations, the students were understandably shocked.  My mind is a great and powerful machine which often awes those who encounter it.  

Over the course of the weekend, we developed drawings and character designs, and did studies from life.  We focused on drawing for the most part, but we were also able to cover other subjects of which I have a deep store of knowledge. Topics such as: watercolor, digital shading, birdwatching and robots who can be trained to add our lens flares for us.  
I was really excited to see the progress everyone made and where all the drawings ended up.  Great work to all of you who were there. I expect big things out of you guys.  
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