As is tradition for me, I am once again launching my sketchbook in the wrong year. At 12 Noon EST time today my 2017 Sketchbook “A Spectacular Journey” will be available at for pre-order. (full release June 14)

But you say, “Wait Justin, it’s 2018! What took you so long? Do you know how calendars work?” Well, first of all, yes I know about calendars, and second of all, listen: I have 2 small toddlers now who have very delicate feet and I spent most of 2017 forging diamond-hard clogs for them out of carbon fiber and graphene. (Just think of all the places they will be able to toddle!)  And so yes the sketchbooks are a year late, but my boy’s feet are nigh indestructible.

The 2017 Sketchbook will feature 42 full color pages with drawings, sketches, preliminary work, step-by-step guides and selected finished work from the year. Each copy is signed and numbered. As with previous years we are offering a Limited Edition version with an original drawing in the front.

This year you can expect a host of dragons, maidens, wizards and warriors. There are also a few lost monsters who seem perplexed at how the world has changed around them. (and who can blame them?)

The book is scheduled to be released June 14, 2018 but everyone who pre-orders before June 14 will receive a free signed mini-print of “Mean Tweets.”  Lastly, if you are a Muddy Colors Patreon member, check your inbox for a special discount code.