-By Serge Birault

Here’s a picture I did for the birthday of my favorite model, Fuchsia Gibson.
She’s a big fan of SF movies and series … and unicorns (and cupcakes). The sentence just means “Happy Birthday” in Klingon language.

General notes :
– I have several photo references but I didn’t copy one.
– I only use the soft round brush and some Ditlev brushes.
– I tried to obtain a more “flat” rendering than usual. The volumes are not right but it was the goal.

Step 1: I put the sketch on a “Multply” type layer. I choose the color of the background and my basic flesh tones. Each part is on a different layer.

Step 2 : I start to paint the darkest part of the picture, just to help me to find the good contrast.

Step 3 : I start to pain the first volumes of the face. I use the soft round brush with a low opacity, as usual.

Step 4 : I do some changes on the lights and on my skin palette.

Step 5 : I paint the ear … I hate pain ears ^^’

Step 6 : I start the hair. On another layer, once again.

Step7 : I paint the background. I use different Ditlev brushes.

Step 8 : I fix the eyes.

Step 9 : I start the little Darth hello Kitty Vader with a Star trek uniform.

Step 10 : I add details on it.

Step 11 : I paint the flower and the balloon.

Step 12 : The flying cupcake.

You can freely downloas the Ditlev brushes packs here :