I suckered yet another amazing artist to join Muddy Colors (look above!)

You can thank me later.

In the mean time, please welcome Adam Rex!

Adam Rex was one of my very first choices as a contributor of this blog. He has long been a great personal inspiration to me, and I’ve no doubt will inspire many others as well. Unfortunately, Adam was just too busy at the time to take on the commitment, and rightfully so.

In just the past few years, Adam has transitioned from being one of the best fantasy painters out there (working on projects like Magic: The Gathering), to being a NewYork Times Bestselling Author! After writing and drawing the much acclaimed Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Adam decided to try writing a novel. That novel, The True Meaning of Smekday, is currently being turned into a film by DreamWorks Entertainment.

To me, Adam is a true iconoclast, breaking the mold of what an Illustrator can be.

So it is with great pleasure, great excitement, and great humility, I welcome Adam Rex to our blog.