By Petar Meseldzija

I am sorry, but I still have nothing important, or smart to say… I am still contemplating my career, analyzing my achievements and failures, and thinking about how to improve my work. In the meantime I draw and paint, beside a number of other activities.

I wanted to show you a few little paintings I did recently. They are about 15 X 17 cm big (6 X 6 3/4  inch), which is a pretty small size for me. These little pieces are often created in about 4 hours. Although I use some photo reference for inspiration, there are no preparatory drawings included in the process. I usually make a very rough pencil sketch directly on the painting surface, and then I start painting, hoping to surprise myself pleasantly with something nice and unexpected at the end of the painting session. Therefore, while working on these pieces, I try not to be too serious or pretentious, as it is often the case with my bigger paintings. Instead I try to have fun.

Eowyn the Brave

Blue Giant

Queen Maggie Blue