by Cory Godbey
Since 2002, the first Saturday in May has become a holiday of sorts called Free Comic Book Day. 
Readers of all ages flock to their local comic shops on this special day to grab their copies of free comics from big publishers and independents alike. FCBD is an important event for many reasons, not the least of which is encouraging the next generation of readers, introducing them to new writers, artists, and genres.
I’ve had the pleasure over the last few years to be a part of this annual celebration by writing and illustrating stories for the Jim Henson Co. published in the Archaia/BOOM FCBD book.
The chance to wander within the walls of Jareth’s Labyrinth is a joy and I would count my time with these characters and stories among some of my very favorite projects.
If you’d like to see a little more about my experience, here’s a previous post, It’s Only Forever, or My Time Exploring the Labyrinth.

This most recent story for FCBD 2015 came together relatively quickly. The deadline was pretty tight but fortunately this idea just popped in my head. In about 20 minutes, if I remember correctly, I got it scribbled out over a couple pages. 
That mess isn’t any kind of format to show a client so I took the ideas and kept working them over into (slightly) more legible thumbnails with notes. For example, here’s a look at one such page:

They’re still pretty rough, yes, but my editor knows what I mean by those so once approved I move on to the drawings and put together a more complete rough of the page along with the text.

From there it’s a matter of finishing the drawings, painting, and assembling the work. Many times I create the art in pieces. I find a certain speed in handling the figures and characters separate from the backgrounds.
Brown col-erase pencil rough.

Finished drawing.

 And now for a giveaway! I’m giving away a handful of signed copies of the Archaia/BOOM FCBD book which has this story, of course, and many others.
Today at 1 PM Eastern, across my various social media outlets, I’ll post instructions for how to enter. If you’d like a chance to win here are links to the three places to check:

Lastly, I wanted to mention the cancer relief fundraiser for Allen Williams organized by Iain McCaig. 
I’m sure many of you reading Muddy Colors know and love Allen’s work (and Allen himself! I got the chance to get to know him when we were both on the jury for Spectrum 21). He’s a kind, thoughtful, gentle soul and right now he and his family could use some help. 
I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the campaign!