Earlier this month we talked about my next sketchbook and took a look at one piece in particular from the new collection. If you’d like to catch up on that post, you can do so here.

How about this time? Well! A lot of new developments and I’m pleased to say that not only have I finished the drawings for the collection (and got the sketchbook about 99% laid out to go to print) but along with that, I’m happy to share the title and a first look at the cover. 

For a long time in my notes, while I’ve had this series simmering on the back burner, I had thought of it as “The Stone Troll Forest” or “The Troll Forest Project” names or titles that described what it was, yes, but didn’t hint at much more.

As I was thinking through new ideas for the title, something called to mind a single line from The Song of Whence, a poem I wrote for the Visions of Whence sketchbook anthology. 

“They asked me how to find that space in-between,

How to be like light on a stream.”

The thought of the woods depicted in this sketchbook, as some sort of “in-between” really captivated me. A thin place.

Once that line struck me, it was all over.

The Woods In-between is a quiet look at rocks and trees, trolls turned to stone, and other visions. The 50-some page collection features many of the things I enjoy drawing the most. 

The sketchbook also features a number of portraits. You may remember from our previous post this month a note about that.  Artist Taryn Knight graciously gave permission for me to work with some of her photography. Really wonderful, inspiring stuff.

As a preview, here’s a peek at one of those pieces.

This Friday, May 3rd, I’ll be bringing The Woods In-between to Kickstarter!

And you can keep an eye on this spot here if you’d like to support the project.