I’ve been getting some pieces ready to ship out, and I thought I would take this opportunity to post some drawings I’ve done recently with some commentary for your entertainment. I’ve actually been doing quite a few things, but I’ve gotta honor good old NDA’s with some of this stuff, so I’ve just got some spot pieces for now, and a few comic book pages. I have pretty limited technical abilities, but I think I’m starting to get some personality in my drawings, and I’m maybe even having a little fun.

I don’t often use double-page splashes in my work, but for this moment I wanted to add a bit of impact and breathing room after a tense period in the story. The script called for a single page splash, but I decided to add an exclamation point here and go IMAX with the picture.


Another scene from this story. This is my favorite thing I’ve drawn in a while. I’m enjoying the rhythm and texture of crunchy blacks. It’s a great way to use up those dried out markers after the tip isn’t sharp enough to draw with anymore. I’m also going for a pleasing flow and arrangement with the landscapes. I just love a face in a pool of shadow.

A dramatic shot of my friend Daniel Warren Johnson’s Murder Falcon. An incredible comic book about this a guitarist that can summon a champion by shredding his guitar. More crunchy blacks, and I particularly enjoyed the rolling shapes of the clouds. I cheated the angles of the robotic feathers a bit to get the shapes I wanted.

Holy Diver

Here I’ve got Agent Ted Howards from BPRD. He’s possessed by the ancient spirit of a caveman within a magical sword.I like this triangular composition, and it’s fun to break the panel border. Some manga speed lines, and I used a sand eraser to wash out the feet of the giant monster.


Here is the original from a loading screen I did for Fortnite. I don’t want to show the color version here to stay out of trouble a bit. There was a bit of (very helpful) art direction with this one. They wanted a car chase and also some kind of comic book style inset panel. I wanted to make the car flex a bit, and some Akira style headlamp trails. Cars almost always look faster when airborne.




This one is fun. A while ago, I did a small piece with a girl in a wolf hat eating a doughnut. Someone commissioned me to develop this idea a little more. I’m kinda just playing with some things I like here. A pine marten with some justice-chucks, an extremely obscure model Fender guitar, and some doughnuts in opposition to a dozen or so physical laws.

it all makes sense


I like the gold racing stripe