While still in the Christmas Season and Holiday spirit, I’m inspired by some of my favorite Winter paintings.

Whenever I’m stuck and can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m not ready to paint, I simply look through a bunch of my favorite paintings. (‘These are a few of my favorite things’—as the song goes…) They’re energizing.

I can feel the brushstrokes and the action it took to lay the pigment down. Training to have a good brush hand is important for your technique. It enhances your voice. Painting is calligraphy, and even though it has a formal approach to training, everyone expresses differently.

Also study these pieces for their composition strength, light design, value, color, and concepts. They’re brilliant.

I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I do…

The madness of the sky rides the line of strokes vs information

So much grey counterbalanced by that dull but alluring yellow ochre light
Amazing control of so many whites through value alone
I love Tanner’s super-simplified shapes and storytelling
Jones….nothing but mood with this guy, every time
The background trees are so quickly, but deftly applied, reading in value and shape only
One of the best for last–the temperature shifts across the canvas adds so much depth…