This installment I am addressing a question brought up a lot to me and that is, what brush to use for what part of the painting.

I have started a gumroad page, here.  

This video you are about to view is part of a new painting fundamentals set I am building to be released soon on the page.  I have several series in the making, and will be adding to this page as often as I can.  This page will eventually be where you can find your art foundation tools in ready to learn, short, simple sets of information and exercises to practice.  I have a few up there now, the color videos are next on the list as soon as I post up the rest of the head drawing series this week and next.

Leave comments below if this was a helpful video, and what else you are curious about, or what other foundation skills you would like to see demonstrated.

Happy Holidays, stay creative,  and see you in the new year.