I am endless intrigued by Artist’s workspaces. I love seeing what type environment different people find inspiring and what type of layouts they find conducive to their workflow. For years, I’ve kept a folder on my desktop and dragged photos into it of all the various studios I’ve come across on the internet.

There is of course no shortage of beautiful, awe inspiring workspaces to drool over online, and I certainly save those too. But this particular collection of pictures is not about the best interior design or interior decoration for me. These shots are of working artist’s everyday working spaces. It’s where these artists go, day after day, to create the very images that we all know them so well for. The spaces are often meant to be beautiful, but they are always meant to be functional.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And please feel free to share a link to pics of your own studio in the comments section.

Dan dos Santos


Yuko Shimizu


Michael Whelan


Steven Stroud
Brad Kunkle


Greg Ruth
Tran Nguyen


Rebecca Guay


James Gurney
Jennifer Gwynn Oliver


Robert Hunt


Steve Hickman


Greg Hildebrandt


Greg Manchess
Donato Giancola


James Jean


Dave Palumbo
Eric Fortune


David Hockney


Shawn Barber


Yoshitomo Nara
Chris Buzelli
Paolo Rivera


George Perez


Howard Lyon
Travis Charest


Drew Struzan


Tom Kidd


All images are © their respective owners.