-By Arnie Fenner

Iain McCaig and Cathy Fenner at the Spectrum 22 Book Signing

Cathy and I just returned from San Francisco where we attended the group signing for Spectrum 22 on Friday the 13th. Co-hosted by Flesk Publications and the Academy of Art University, the event was held in the heart of downtown at the school’s Atelier Gallery at 79 New Montgomery. The outstanding group of artists signing books for fans included Grand Master Iain McCaig, Colin and Kristine Poole, Steven Russell Black, Alina Chau, Craig Elliott, Te Hu, Kellan Jett, Randy Gallegos, Chamisa Kellogg, Stephanie Law, Michael Manomivibul, Brynn Metheney, Sho Murase, Mark Newman, Karla Ortiz, Paolo Rivera, Dug Stanat, Josh Viers, Allen Williams, and Alyssa Winans. Publisher Tim Underwood provided copies of the book Cathy edited, Women of Wonder, giving attendees an extra signing opportunity with Cathy, Karla, and Sho.

It was a great time and the gallery was packed to capacity.

For those who weren’t able to make it, the attached pix (which were taken on the fly, so don’t expect classic shots), will give a brief taste of the evening. I’ll sneak back in and add captions once I’ve been able to catch my breath.

Above: The Academy of Art University’s Atelier Gallery in the heart of San Francisco. 

Above: Colin & Kristine Poole talk to students and review portfolios. 

Above: Publisher Tim Underwood chats about Fantastic Art with Spectrum Director John Fleskes, Serita Sangimino (Vice President of Student Affairs at the Academy of Art University), and Gil Banducci (Pre-Production Lead for the University’s Animation and Visual Effects Department). 

Above: On the left Karla Ortiz looks for her page in Spectrum 22 to sign while in the center Iain McCaig holds court. Seconds after this shot, Karla & Iain were dancing. Kids. What can you do?

Above: Front to back, Michael Manomivibul, Brynn Metheney, Randy Gallegos,
and Steven Russell Black

Above: Cathy signs Women of Wonder.

Above: Karla Ortiz and Vicki Williams.

Above: Allen Williams and Stephanie Law.
Above: The day after the signing John took us around San Francisco. This is a display set up in the Disney Museum at the Presdio covering the artist strike of 1941. The museum is spectacular and I plan to write a post about it in the near future.

Above: Clockwise from left: Cathy, Colin Poole, Craig Elliott, Kristine Poole,
and John Fleskes at the Disney Museum.

Above: John also took us to the de Young • Legion of Honor Museum which features the most extensive collection of Rodin sculptures I’ve ever seen, a to-die-for Bouguereau (whose name, I learned, I had been mispronouncing all this time: I blame my teachers…because it’s easier that way), a beautiful Gérôme…you get the picture. They were giving a pipe organ demonstration Saturday afternoon and the organist began with “La Marseillais” as a tribute to the victims of the previous night’s terrorist attacks in Paris and received a standing ovation at the conclusion. 
Above left: A statue of El Cid by Anna Hyatt Huntington on the front lawn of the Legion of Honor. It’s matched on the other side by a statue of Jeanne d’Arc. Above right: The museum’s Bouguereau, “The Broken Pitcher.”