I was recently contacted by a man named Rene, who asked if I would help promote a sponsorship program for the Kevin Workman Foundation.

The Kevin Workman Foundation was created by Rene and two other friends, Paul and Brian, to honor the memory of their late friend, and artist, Kevin Workman.

Kevin was a particular fan of comic conventions and an avid exhibitor. So these three friends decided there would be no better way to honor Kevin’s memory than to sponsor an aspiring young artist, and provide them with a Full San Diego Comic Con booth, along with badges… totally free!

I find the whole notion of this benefit really touching, and the prospect of helping a young professional get a great start is particularly dear to my heart. It makes me supremely happy to help promote this fantastic opportunity and honor the memory of a fellow artist.

All you have to do to potentially win this free booth, is go HERE and apply.

That’s it.

No gimmick. No fees. Just some good people doing something really nice to remember a friend.

All types of visual arts are welcome for submission, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, videography and filmmaking. Previous program winners include Illustrator, Sara K. Diesel (shown above).

So please, take the time to apply, and spread the word about this awesome opportunity.