We won’t work on finished paintings. We’ll work on designing several pictures together, preparing you to take them to finish after the semester. Sketching multiple thumbnail drawings, like the ones above, we’ll concentrate on composition and value to imbue visuals with impact.

My class is called Composition As Story, and focuses on how to move elements within the picture frame to capture the viewer’s attention through storytelling. As artists, we are tasked with communicating an idea visually. Change the composition, even slightly, and you start changing the idea.

Learning the simple aspects of controlling how the eye moves through a composition will easily improve your work. My students see results right away.

It’s simple: composition is the ballgame.

By semester’s end most of my students come away with multiple paintings ready to go to finish. They’ve already worked out as many of the unknowns as possible, allowing them to enjoy the process of their technique without having to problem-solve as they go.

Sunday, February 25th at midnight is the deadline to sign up at www.smarterartschool.com

Through the fourteen weeks, I’ll share assignments and paintings I’m currently working on, with demonstrations of drawing, oil painting, gouache painting and other techniques. I’ll share how I prepare and finish a project from start to finish.

Near the end of the semester, my special guest will be Jim Zulick, art director at The Easton Press, who will join us to review and offer expert experience for your work.

Sunday, February 25th at midnight is the deadline to sign up at www.smarterartschool.com/

But it’s not only in my class where you can find brilliant, practical instruction. Check out the classes offered by:

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Sam Weber…building your work through experimentation with different materials and digital approaches.

Martin Wittfooth…teaches Imaginative Realism and the journey and process of Allegorical Painting (visual storytelling!) And don’t miss his Blender class!

Winona Nelson…working one-on-one with students on assignments, Winona focuses on practical methods to learn the gaming industry and designing characters for gaming.

George Pratt…teaches graphic novel design and how to achieve interest through story and page design, improving emotional impact for your work.