As we all recover from our tryptophan comas we’d like to take a moment to remind you about a couple upcoming events.

We are excited to announce that this month’s live video is ‘How to Paint Skin’ with Howard Lyon. The video will air Saturday, November 25th. Please join us as Howard shows us his methods for painting realistic skin tones for multiple ethnicities. You don’t want to miss this!

All $5 Patrons get access to the live event, $10 Patrons receive access to the live event plus a digital download of the demo afterwards, and $30 Patrons receive the live broadcast and download, plus streaming access to our entire library.

If you sign up before the end of the month, you receive the video at half the retail value. You can’t beat that!

Sign up, or get more info at our Patreon page here.

We’d also like to remind you that the deadline for the Muddy Colors coloring contest is fast approaching. There will be two winners selected- one for traditional media and one for digital. Each winner will receive free (that’s right, FREE) streaming access to all of our Muddy Colors Videos for one year!

For more information and to post your entries, check out the original post here.

The deadline to submit your entry is Sunday, November 26th at midnight PT (Pacific Time). Looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!