Above: One of my favorite Brent Watkinson paintings shows that he not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.

We’ve all been enjoying Swain Hunt’s audio additions to Muddy Colors; they’re great to listen to while working and are often as inspiring as they are entertaining. With that in mind today, I thought I’d direct your attention to Brent Watkinson’s excellent podcast series, EveryDay Artist.

Brent (seen in the photo above) is a highly regraded illustrator, educator, gallery painter. and graphic designer with an interest in every aspect of the artist’s journey. He decribes his project as “talking with all types of creative people exhibiting pride and passion about their everyday work.” Some of the people he’s talked with thus far include George Pratt, Vanessa Lemen, Jeffrey Alan Love, Amber Lee, and Jon Foster among other notables. Intimate conversations that are also insightful make EveryDay Artist a worthwhile regular stop. Want a taste? Hit this link for Part 1 of an incredibly thoughtful chat with Jon Foster; once you have a listen, I know you’ll want to bookmark Brent’s page to access more.