It is that time of year again! I love the Portrait Society Conference. It’s a great event with lots of demonstrations and high caliber talks mixed with a great selection of vendors with whom you can chat and learn more about their products.

I had a cool opportunity to model for three artists tonight as part of the kick-off event. It’s called the Face Off. This year 18 artists painted from 6 models. I know they just chose me for my beard, but I’m cool with it.

Mary Sauer, Lea Wight, and Ying-He Liu were the three I was assigned to. Here are the painting steps and finals.

Mary Sauer – oil on linen

Lea Wight – pastel on toned paper

Ying-He Liu

It’s fascinating to see the different approaches and color sensibilities of the three artists. I see myself in each portrait and yet they are all different.

When I get the chance I will take photos of the other demos to share, either in this post or another! Lots of great information will come from this weekend, I am sure of it!

If you are here at the conference I hope you’ll come up and say hello!