In 1974, famed director Alejandro Jodorowsky began work on one of his biggest undertakings, a film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel, ‘Dune’. The endeavor was such a spectacular failure that it actually was the subject of a 2013 documentary titled ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune

But before the project was abandoned, Jodorowsky commissioned a who’s who of concept artists to work on the film, including the likes of Moebius, Mezziere, and H.R. Giger.

Jodorowsky compiled a book of all the concept art and story boards for the film, into a single massive volume, to serve as a bible of sorts in the film’s production. After the film was abandoned, this book was largely forgotten. And even though no copies of this book were ever made available for purchase, someone did scan this the majority of it for posterity. Those incredible scans, which contain, HUNDREDS of Jean Giraud Moebius drawings, can be found right here!–BhRr-BImP1w?key=QmE1WTR0Z0FtZVFIalpsYVZ3LXFXMS1DUmNiUnR3

Click the link above to view tons concept art, and unused storyboards for the craziest film that never was. Fans of Moebius and Giger are sure to find something to delight in!