I had the chance to do a little painting this last week for myself. I had recently done a shoot with a friend and oft muse, Sara. I think she’s a fascinating beauty (inside and out) and she always has great depth in her expression.

I call this painting Desidero, which can be translated to desire, want, or longing. I imagine the character in the painting dealing with a sense of loss. It is a small painting, at 6″x9″ and is on a linen panel from Artefex. It was a lovely surface to paint on.

I’m going to develop this further into a larger life-sized painting.

Sara has beautiful, almost translucent skin that varies greatly in temperature. Here is a time-lapse of the painting from start to finish:

The music in the video is by my daughter, Belle Jewel, who is a wonderfully talented singer and songwriter. I’m going to shamelessly plug her Patreon she just started. You can get some beautiful music and support an excellent artist! Here is a link

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