Today, I am pleased to be able to share some drawings from my 2020 Monster of the Month Sketchbook! It was just released and it focuses heavily on the pencil work behind all the color imagery made for the series thus far.

I love making sketchbooks. Drawing, just old-school traditional pencil and paper drawing, is still my very favorite medium. I love digital painting, and watercolor and oil, and chainsaw art, but in the end, pencil is still where my heart is truly at. So it is always a tragedy to me to see so many of these little scribbles languish away, while the bright color versions of them get all the attention. So this year, we are back with another book that celebrates pencil on paper …and that is filled with all the usual mayhem and madness people have come to expect from me at this point.

As with previous years, I released a collector’s edition which has hand-drawn originals on the title page. Here is a sneak preview of some of this year’s invaders:

If you’d like to see me drawing some of these monsters live (along with all the helpful tips, ideas and harassment from the live chat) you can find the VOD on my Twitch. It was a fun challenge and I am really pleased with what we came away with, after all the carnage. The “Fern Ent” and the “Cupcake Crusader” were my favorites. (Congrats to whoever is getting those!)

Annie Stegg Gerard has also released her new book A Field Guide to Draco Floris:

Her book includes 84 pages of drawings, writing, and color paintings of figures and mythical figures from a series she has been working on for years now. It has been awesome to see finally come to fruition in this amazing little book. While mine is dedicated to wild chaos and deranged monsters, hers is dedicated to tranquil beauty and nature.  If you’d like to see more of either of these, you can check out the book on our store!