This month, as I am knee deep into work for my solo show at Copro Gallery this June, I thought to once again showcase some of my favorite artists. These are artists and works that I find compelling and inspirational. Maybe you’ve heard and seen them before and maybe not but as a rule, any day that starts off with some visual excitement is a good day.

Links to their pages and works are included below with each piece so that you too can follow and enjoy their art too.

Roberto Ferri has such a beauty and grace in his figures they are always compelling.


Roberto Ferri_Lucifer


Agostino Arrivabene

The texture in his pieces are breath taking and always interesting.


Agostino Arrivabene


Arsen Asyrankulov

Arsen Asyrankulov Twins


I love what Lee Griggs is doing with his art in the digital realm. These volume renders are beautiful…

Lee Griggs


The detail and intricacies of Kris Kuksi’s work in just mind blowing and makes me want to push my pieces further and further.

Kris Kuksi


Nicola Samori and his enigmatic figures…

Nicola Samori


Amaya Gurpide

I took an online workshop with Amaya right before the pandemic began. It was so informative and I loved being able to see how she works. Her drawings are so sensitive and introspective…

Amaya Gurpide


Ivan Solyaev’s black and white art has a “noise” to it that is pleasing to me. Texturally, like aged etchings…

Ivan Solyaev


Emma Hopkins

Just, oof. I really can just fall into some of her work.

Emma Hopkins


Billelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou) has this ornate kinda over the top hypnotizing in visual complexity…

Billelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou)