Was messing with Dall-e today for a bit. I know machine learning is like a hot button topic in the art community right now, with everyone’s feeds filled with slick looking paintings that kind of don’t make sense in areas when you zoom in.

Everyone scared that it’s going to take their jobs. I’ve read so many posts from people kind of freaking out about this stuff, how its gong to Change everything and replace working commercial artists.

And I think they’re half right. It’s definitely going to change stuff. But I also don’t think that’s such a bad thing either. We’ll see, because it’s not going away any time soon. Interesting times for sure.

I get kind of bored with the prompts, but I really enjoyed uploading work and having the ai do variations on it. By feeding it source material, it’s easier to see how the computer’s interpreting it. It definitely handles some things better than others, and It does a lot of stuff that makes no sense at all, but it’s still kind of cool.

here are a few of today’s efforts:


turned a recent charcoal self portrait into a police line up where each guy gets progressively more bald and looks less like me

It really didn’t seem to understand brushier stuff. tried to interpret it, but I don’t feel like it was too successful on this one. At least it’s a bearded dude in all of them so there’s that.

are YOU my mom? Was kind of cool to see how it interpreted this one of my mother…

Here’s what it spit out when fed a portrait of my partner, Melissa. it does a pretty good job of identifying gender, racial features, even the lighting.

Seemed less successful understanding what was happening in this more stylized illustration. In fact it appears like it had no idea what it was looking at. Funny how interpreted the text in particular. and that last one!

Fed a couple photos too. Created some pretty solid variants of Kevin, even though we all know this world is only big enough for one Kevin.

But I think one of the most successful tests were the variants on this s’mores pizza. The way it handles the material properties, I could see this already being useful for generating texture variants for 3D models and stuff. also s’mores pizza is pretty delicious. its a shame Dall-e can never taste any of these beautiful variants it created.

What are your thoughts on all this stuff?