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Robots vs. Lawyers

Lauren Panepinto

Since I work in the commercial art world for a big international publishing company, it's part of my job to keep knowledgeable about IP (Intellectual Property) Law. It turns out it's not just enough to do great book covers, you have to make sure you don't get in legal trouble doing it. I also happen to be the daughter of a Judge, so I grew up around law and find it pretty interesting. Most artists…




Crew Four Launch Day

Gregory Manchess

August 10, 2022 - I’d never seen a launch from Cape Canaveral.I was told I shouldn’t miss one, if I get a chance, as it’s something one never forgets. It’s unique to our development as a species and a reflection of our presence in the universe. A cry in the night that we are here.I got that chance this past April. I was invited to attend the launch of the 67th mission to the International Space Station, for which I designed their special Expedition patch. (The astronauts get patches for all their missions, and Commander Kjell Lindgren asked me to design one for this particular expedition.)Up to that point I’d designed three of the previous Crew’s mission patches that rode the SpaceX Dragon capsule to the ISS. We had planned for me to design the patch for this mission,…



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  • Joel Fletcher on Robots vs. LawyersGood article on a timely topic! AI images cannot be copyrighted, so basically would be in the public domain category from the start. Th…
  • Lauren Panepinto on Robots vs. LawyersI did see this one this morning and thought to edit the article to address it but thanks for commenting so fast. Like I said, the novel…
  • Lauren Panepinto on Robots vs. LawyersYou're welcome!
  • Andrew Sides on Robots vs. LawyersHonest question, how the heck does something like the art used in this article pass muster?…
  • TTFD on Robots vs. LawyersFYI You can now sell your DALL-E 2 art, but it feels murky
  • TTFD on Robots vs. LawyersA nice primer on this topic, thank you.
  • Norman Boyd on Crew Four Launch DayWow! To meet an Apollo astronaut! But to ask something that will help you in your art!!! You must still be buzzing! Oh AND the launch!!


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