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Chris Beatrice

Art… ificial Selection

What do you feel is the greatest thing about Charles Darwin? A. He came up with the theory that species evolve over time. B. He had a mighty hipster beard. C. He insisted that humans are all one species. D. He named his ship after the author of The Last Unicorn. E. He realized that the illusion of design could emerge from random factors. I say C. After that, B, I guess (the beard is…

You Don’t Suck At Color

  Help Is On The Way Do you suffer from chromophobia (the fear of using saturated or bright colors because every time you do your picture winds up looking like a cheap effect from Star Trek TOS)? Well, turns out you don’t suck at anything, but you probably misunderestimate the role of something else… It goes by many names: lightness (I’ve heard), luminosity (la di da), Mithrandir (I think that’s one of them), brightness (unfortunately),…

Lose the Line

Try ditching the line art and see if you can make your picture stand without it. It’s not a...


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