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Author: Gregory Manchess

Perfect Passage, Subtle Observations

Frank Tenney Johnson was a fan of doing nocturnes, or night paintings. The conditions to capture a subject absorbed in moonlight depend on your ability to recognize subtle value and color. Specifically value.  Study the light in this Johnson painting. Besides the dense, solid black shadows under the horse and foliage, notice how subtle the mountain sits in the background while the cowboy’s shirt floats in the foreground plane of the piece, even though they’re…

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Building Passion

  In discussion after discussion about what talent is or isn’t, most people get frustrated by the lack of evidence to explain it, that no one has found the signature DNA combination that points directly to a biological giftedness for specific skills. Most people throw up their hands and argue that a person just can’t be a great artist unless they have some sort of abnormal ambition, a driving force, at least that certain something.…

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An Art Education in One Week

We just wrapped up teaching at the eleventh Illustration Master Class. As always, the IMC provided so much energy and inspiration that I’ve returned to my studio with many ideas, many stories, and lots of technical information. This year’s guests included James Gurney, Kent Williams, Tara McPherson, Greg Ruth, Senior Art Director Jeremy Jarvis, Creative Director Lauren Panepinto, Art Dealer Lance Rehs, and Marc Scheff of Every Day Original. IMC is the kind of teaching…

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