Episode 2 of my Instagram curated recommendations. As previously stated in Episode 1, I am a lover of all the branches of creative expression, and throughout my digital travels on the internet, I stumble on some pretty amazing stuff. Finding new artwork opens up an opportunity to look at my own personal work in different ways. Our work exists in the content of our current world, the time we live in, what came before us and what will eventually come after us.

I know a bunch of people are moving over to the latest art social media but as someone who has lived through every iteration of a social media platform, I personally plan to wait until there is a critical mass of numbers and it proves it’s worth before I put any energy into it.

Here are a few artists, designers, photographers, or general vibes I think are worth adding to your IG feed:

Francois Bard



Allen Williams

Many of you already know Allen but just in case! @i_justdraw

Paolo Puck


Randy Ortiz


Kata/ Mischievous Dog


Erik Sandberg


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