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Whats up muddy colorers? Hope you all are well. What to say? Wild times. The bright side is that a...

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Working as an illustrator from home can be incredibly isolating. It often requires long...

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What up my muddy buddies! Figure id post a couple things this month, something I finished and can...


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  • Steph on distractionsConfirmed, code not valid :<
  • William Blomstrom on Big questions. No Answers.You can’t get rid of the part of you that yearns to be an artist, any more than you can get rid of your shadow. This is so true.
  • tayete garcia on distractionsInvitation code not valid Coro! I perfectly remember those forums and the DVDs sold, which I really loved. I would be grateful to repeat the experienc…
  • Justin Kaufman on Big questions. No Answers.oh man can i relate to this post. good to hear your thoughts and see what you've been working on. be well and be safe!
  • Vanessa on Sketchbook AffirmationsThank you, Nico! Glad you liked it~ :) Hope you are well and staying safe.