I do not have much to talk about these days but ‘work’, in all its various stages.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your career is stop taking in influences, stop searching for that wonderful euphoric feeling of inspiration, and lock the door to the studio and create the art that is dear to your heart.

Our entire livelyhood is based upon what we do, what real results come from our actions, not what we say we will do. I have never met an art director, collector, or client who will hire you based upon your potential. It is always about what you have already created in your own work.

So push those boundaries which takes you closer to your dream commission.
Don’t visit Facebook today, stop reading this, and get to work in the studio making the art you want to be known for.


The Phial of Galadriel
9 x 12″
Drawing in one of the limited edition copies of Middle-Earth: Visions of A Modern Myth

Private commission:
Silk Road
final art 25″ x 34″

Dawn of the Whydah
gallery painting still in progress, 4′ x 7′