A few updates regarding the Art Order Challenge:

Firstly, we decided the deadline was too short to reap quality results, so we extended it to the 15th. That gives everyone precisely one month to create their masterpieces. The original post has been ammended.

Secondly, a partial list of the judges has been announced. Thus far, it consists of all the Muddies, as well as Matt Stewart and Petar Meseldzija! Yes, Jon has been breaking some knees, and managed to get most of the artists featured in the original post to contribute.

Lastly, some of the prizes have been announced as well. Donato Giancola has offered a large print of his ‘Eowyn fighting the Nazgul‘. Petar Meseldzija has offer a limited giclee of his ‘Steel Bagshaw‘. Eric Fortune has also offered a limited A/P print (image to be announced), and Dan dos Santos has offered a limited giclee on stretched canvas (image to be announced).



So get started, guys!
Don’t forget to submit sketches for review on The Art Order site. We’ll be dishing out criticism early.